Alessa Spring/Summer 2014 Show | FFW Fashion Rio | FashionTV

Alessa Spring/Summer 2014 Show | Fashion Rio RIO DE JANEIRO – Alessa presented its most recent Spring/Summer 2014 collection …
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Want to get spring looks like Cher Lloyd, Zendaya, and Chloe Moretz? Girls’ Life magazine Entertainment Editor Trish McNamara and Fashion Editor Jessica Wall…
Video Rating: 5 / 5

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36 Responses to “Alessa Spring/Summer 2014 Show | FFW Fashion Rio | FashionTV”

  1. sparklestrawburry says:

    The one in pink I guess the reporter her voice tho sounds like weird maybe
    she plugged her noise

  2. Mark Goodwin says:


  3. pamzie123 says:

    I like zendaya look the most

  4. Aliya Mohamed says:

    Zendaya for sure

  5. holly martin says:

    I <3 Zendayas look and the ciqe in Cher Lloyd 

  6. Hazel Estrada says:

    Cher loyds

  7. Rhiannon cordes says:

    Defiantly zendayas look I mean come on who doesn’t love her Mickey Mouse
    shirt and style I would defiantly would where that style especially the
    Mickey Mouse shirt

  8. bratmixerlovatic says:

    cher Lloyds <3!

  9. Alexis Cromer says:

    Zendaya’a for sure 

  10. MagicGirl188 says:

    Chloe Moretz of corse!!!

  11. MrGrayun1 says:

    Soooo natural

  12. Mohamad Ataia says:


  13. LUVLIFE900 says:

    Lions and tigers OVERKILL.

  14. Karan Malik says:

    thanks bro !!

  15. Nbpoih Fiheqw says:

    Nice tits hehe

  16. MS19761000 says:


  17. Nirmal Kumar Joshi says:

    I like fashion tv

  18. says:

    Wonderful !!

  19. FashionTV says:

    What is your favorite look from this collection?

  20. Arthur Zanelato says:

    Caetano Veloso – Canto De Um Povo De Um Lugar

  21. Hila Glam says:

    the collection is fresh and very valentino 2010 meets acne 2012, but the
    designer doesn’t look sweet to me. she looks like she’s trying too hard to
    look vibrant and young, but more likely portrays to the camera as a psycho
    witch. did she try to copy betsey johnson’s attitude? I don’t like her
    either. they all behave like cheap women, no class whatsoever.

  22. brusie15 says:

    Mach dein scheiss Handy an!!!

  23. GEhotpants101 says:

    Tigers and lace. Huh. Wonder if the designer took inspiration from British
    occupied India.

  24. 洁 张 says:

    good job

  25. qwejs says:

    no panties at 2:56?

  26. Ana Cristina ferreira Rebelo says:

    Alessa Spring/Summer 2014 Show | FFW Fashion Rio | FashionTV

  27. Valentin Dobre says:


  28. Media & Entertainment News says:

    New On IrieTubeApp Alessa Spring/Summer 2014 Show | Fashion Rio | FashionTV

  29. Gwaithmir says:

    Egads! Those models all looked depressed and overworked.

  30. uyo sita says:

    What’s the name of song in this fashion show ?

  31. ยุทธพงษ์ เซ็นกลาง says:


  32. Freddie Bosslet says:

    wow. these “models” (rather poor women) look terrible. i’m not one of those
    people who find that a model should weigh 75kg, but this is too skinny.
    this is neither sexy or beautiful. that looks (and probably is) simply
    unhealthy. absolutely undesirable.

  33. Merasia Johnson says:

    All of those close u could see through

  34. Ramin says:

    1:27, you’re welcome.

  35. Hannah Vasquez says:

    Those were the Ugliest cloths I’ve ever seen