Dsquared2 Spring/Summer 2014 | Milan Fashion Week MFW | FashionTV

Dsquared2 Spring/Summer 2014 Show | Milan Fashion Week MFW | FashionTV http://www.fashionTV.com MILAN — FashionTV takes a look at the Dsquared2 Spring/Summe…

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25 Responses to “Dsquared2 Spring/Summer 2014 | Milan Fashion Week MFW | FashionTV”

  1. Mickey Tran says:

    Music of show, please

  2. jgreen1001 says:

    Someone for the love of God please tell me who that is at 11:30

  3. Franq Hernández says:

    Tracklist, Tracklist, Tracklist!!! please!!! i need to know who made that
    remix of “little sister”

  4. 個人 情報 says:

    This guy is a hard gey I feel.

  5. Elliott Glover says:

    Catherine Mcneil

  6. Minsstyle.com says:

    Great one!!

  7. skybluetornado says:

    I’m getting sick of all these retro inspired collections.

  8. SuGarX33RuSHH says:

    cute cool and fun!

  9. e22378 says:

    so much fun!

  10. Lena Balina says:

    oh my gosh! – absolutely loved it!! I would give my right arm to look like
    one of those models – just breathtaking!

  11. VsFashionHolic says:

    One of my Faves!

  12. miao wang says:

    Super gorg

  13. K1ll3rW0mbat says:

    Some are nice outfits but a few are no, just no.

  14. MarySmithsonAbrogar says:


  15. Francisco Vera says:

    cora emmanuel is so bueatiful!!!!

  16. Kant Akuzin says:

    ОВО -Д- Dm-Пальмы. Пальмы и па/C-намы. Dm-Пальмы. Пальмы. На панамы
    ба/C-нан. Dm-Пальмы. Пальмы и па/C-намы. Dm-Пальмы. Пальмы. На панамы

  17. Media & Entertainment News says:

    New On IrieTubeApp Dsquared2 Spring/Summer 2014 | Milan Fashion Week MFW |
    FashionTV http://ow.ly/2A02in

  18. Adriana Pal says:

    So fresh, so funny, so inspirational, absolutely LOVE IT!

    Sunglasses, silhouettes, colours, and this glamorous hats. CHIC.

  19. jubbajoo says:

    i want to be a gusset 

  20. zwanso says:

    fabulously exceptional!! I have the dsquared hightop crosta sneakers and
    they are the best hightop sneakers I have ever had in my life. Beautiful
    women beautiful fashion!! huge fan

  21. yolandiV queen says:

    everything fit perfect! wonderful

  22. LaSonia Harris says:

    I’m absolutely loving Dsquared2’s take on the 1950’s for their
    spring/summer runway. They do such an excellent job at bringing back that
    glamour that we all need but still keeping that sexy vision that they’ve
    always had.

  23. sony corleone says:

    4.35 How she names ?

  24. NitroAgogo Kustoms says:

    ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh so fun!!! i love all of it… including the music!
    bravoooo!!! <3

  25. Анастасия Гаврус says:

    Very good fashion show! VERY SIMPLE