Spring Haul 2014 | Le Beauty Girl

My blog http://www.lebeautygirl.com *OPEN FOR LINKS* A beauty & fashion Spring haul from an unplanned trip to London! Expect lots of flowery things :) x RELA…

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12 Responses to “Spring Haul 2014 | Le Beauty Girl”

  1. lovemaddie08 says:

    Aaah I love all of the things you got! I just posted a HUGE drugstore
    makeup haul on my channel so if your as obsessed with hauls as I am feel
    free to check it out :) HUGE Drugstore Makeup Haul

  2. ReadySetGlamour says:

    You’re gorgeous! You got some great stuff <3

  3. ZuNaIrA sPeAkS says:

    that necklace is stunnning!!!!!!!

  4. Rachel Smith says:

    Nice idea with your pink purse! Think I’m going to have to try that x

  5. misstarshiny1 says:

    Apart from the skirt nothing else is spring related in my opinion. A bit
    boring and basic stuff.

  6. Albo Sheep says:

    I could listen to your voice all day

  7. fabz16 says:

    Wow love that skirt! I wouldn’t normally go for leather either and I’ve
    just looked on their website it’s only £14.99!

  8. JennyHarshi says:

    awww I really love all your videos. U look amazing!!!

  9. Mira Bella says:

    Great video love the leather skirt especially :)

  10. charliexpresstv says:

    Stumbling upon your channel has made my day. Just thought I’d inform you of

  11. yolanda G says:

    Great Spring Haul! I will have to find a similar Daisy necklace in the US.
    I have a hair question for you. I think I remember you saying you get the
    Brazillian Blow Out on your hair. Did your stylist seem fine with putting
    color on it also? I was just wondering b/c when I use to get anticurls my
    stylist made me choose between color and that because she said it will
    cause damage and breakage on my hair.

  12. liza prideaux says:

    Love everything you got! You’ve made me want to go to accessorize now!